Competition Going Global

The culture of remote work or work from home (WFH) is not new (especially in the technology sector), I’ve been working remotely for about 2+ years now; and with the current condition of global pandemic (due to COVID-19), every sector of work seems to be moving remote! This is not a productivity or luxury factor anymore, it is the need of the hour!

With this, an exciting range of opportunities has come up for both the companies and the applicants. Let’s see how: Now companies can hire the best talent from all over the world and are no more restricted by any geographical barrier. On the other hand, applicants can apply for jobs which are not available in their vicinity and explore a wide range of opportunities from across the globe! But this has introduced several challenges as well:
1. As the market for searching talent becomes worldwide, companies now have a wider range of talent to pick from, hence only the people who are really good at their job can survive the race.
2. It is no wonder that we are approaching the worst economic phase, hence the number of job opportunities are getting lesser and lesser with each passing day.
If we combine the above two facts one point becomes very intelligible, only the people who are best in their game are going to make the cut! This is indeed something to be really worried about, but this also makes one thing clear, if you are going to try, go all the way, or don’t even start!
Focus and deep work can only help reach the status of epitome, which is not an option anymore. But don’t fret much, because if a job can be done from home, it can be learnt from home as well! The internet provides us with a plethora of knowledge, and our task at hand is to research, analyze, fix on the resource and then start binge learning! There are lots of Universities and organizations who can provide us with bonafide education at the cost of nothing, the point concludes at Just Do it!