Getting Things Done my way

How I’m implementing the concepts of Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done is an excellent book on task management written by David Allen. As Wikipedia says:
The GTD method rests on the idea of moving planned tasks and projects out of the mind by recording them externally and then breaking them into actionable work items.

This video summaries the GTD method elegantly.
People implement this method in several ways, some use hand written journals, some use org-mode of emacs, etc. I tried to do it with Todoist and Trello.


1) I’m using Todoist as first line of defence for any ideas or task that comes to my hand.
2) Then if the task takes less than 5 minutes to get done, I do it right away, otherwise I will add it to Inbox in Todoist.
3) Now if the task needs to be done on a specific date, then I assign it the date on the task itself in Todoist.
4) But if the task might take time, it can be divided into smaller sub-problems, etc I create a project out of it or add to an existing project (a project called Life is always there) in Trello.

Now it is very normal to miss a few tasks, hence once in week I review all the tasks and reschedule if the need be. I do this typically on Saturday evening, so that I can put in extra efforts on Sunday to get the flow back on track.

Flow chart