The good and bad of asking for help

We all have our vulnerabilities, the way we deal with them varies. To me (and maybe to many more) asking for help seems the best way, because by doing that you start to express the problem in the best way possible so as to make the person understand. In trying to do that we do a very major thing, that is, we formulate the problem statement. Most of the times we don’t know what the problem is, hence doing this makes us understand the problem in a better way, we start getting a clear picture.

How many times had it happened to you that when you are sharing a problem/confusion to the other person you get the solution all by yourself without the person in the front having to utter a single word?

Also, sharing our feelings helps to reduce the burden we carry in our mind. A less stressed mind definitely solves problems better. All these sums up why asking for help is en effective tool for solving issues.

Hence the method of talking about the problem to someone, hugely helps to solve it. All goody-goody till now. Now comes the dark side of it.

By talking about the problem you’re doing something very undesirable i.e exposing your vulnerability; and that breeds the ground for an exploit.

By admitting your weakness you are essentially allowing the person in the front exploit it to access your mind and all we are, is our mind. This can be a call of self destruction. You’ll never know when you have lost control on yourself and given someone else the control, annihilation! So the key point to keep in check is, open up to only very very trusted people. Just like the best way to enhance security of your system against any hack is the reduce the surface area for penetration i.e never open a port to public but to only very trusted IPs, except if it’s very important/beneficial.