RAIN technique to deal with emotions

I learnt a good technique from the Mindfulness course I’m pursuing on Coursera by Rice University by Dr Tara. Whenever dealing with an unpleasant situation do the following:
R –> Recognise what is it that you’re feeling. You can name it exactly, like disappointment, betrayal, etc. You can’t just name it sadness, it has to be the exact word that explains it.

A –> Accept the feeling that you tagged in above step. Sometimes acceptance can be hard but it has to be done.

I –> Investigate why you are the way you are feeling. Tracking the source of this feeling can be hard hence it is better to write things down to create the graph.

N –> Nurture the pain, provide care and time to heal the issue, it might take time or some explicit effort which you would figure out in the above step and now just do you best to put it into action.