Meetup on microservices architectures and Implementation in Golang

On 7th December, 2019, Skillenza , in association with Microsoft , organized a meetup on “Microservices Architecture” and I had the opportunity to address the same, at Offbeat CCU Kolkata.

The topics I covered are:
* What is “microservices architecture”
* the advantages and disadvantages
* typical structure of a microservice
* Basic concepts of Distributed Systems (CAP theorem, Quorum, etc)
* Brief discussion of Go programming languages why is it the most suitable language
* What is Remote Procedural Call (RPC)
* Implementation of a simple microservice using go-micro framework written in golang

It was really great to have participants who were highly enthusiastic, curious and diverse.

PS - I’m very glad to witness and be a part of this growth of the developer culture in our very own city of joy, Kolkata!

Link to the presentation

Link to the code

Link to video