Kolkata Clojure meetup: Web Development in Clojure

I talked about building a web service in Clojure. I built a URL-shortening service for the same. The presentation can be found here.
Description of the project.

Redirector: URL shortening service

This is a minimalistic URL shortening service which can shrink your ugly/large URL to a beautiful short URL.


Clone the repository from here Then run (-main) which is located in core.clj.


It should be running on localhost:3000.

* Shrink a URL  
    Make request on browser-->  `localhost:3000/shrink/<Enter-your-url-here>`

* Retrive the original URL  
    Make request on browset--> `localhost:3000/redirect/<Enter-the-shrunken-URL>`


Follow this link to see a video demonstration of this service.

P.S: Anyone willing to learn web development in Clojure can definitely refer to this repo.