What is functional programming?


A functional program is set of rules that govern a specific output on providing an input. The basic operation in functional programming in composition of functions.
* function f(x) is represented as f x.
* Recursive defination:-
plus(n,m) == plus n m = summation of n and m
succ(m) == m + 1
plus n succ m == succ plus n m

What is a function

In mathematics, a function f with domain S and codomain T can be represented as f: S -> T, where Range R of this function should be subset of codomain T. Similarly in Haskell we can define the function type, input type and output type, where type is a well defined set of certain permitted values.

Haskell, a purely functional programming language

Simply put, Haskell is a programming language for defining functions.
It is two parts:-
* Type of the input and the output
* Rules for computing output from input

Type defination: sqr :: Int -> Int
Computation rule: sqr x = x * x

Haskell is a case-sensitive language.
Basic types in Haskell are:-
* Int
* Float
* Char
* Bool (True or False)

Boolean expressions- && || not < > == \= <= >=